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The Inter eShop Group have high standards in customer service and product quality. Buying better and easier than every other Shop. Our Customer support standards are very high. We tried to apply the strict customer protection regulations from Germany for our customers from all over the world.

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Reach us easy and convenient.

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EU wide shopping platform.

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EU wide shopping platform.

distributor of worldclass vaporizer

Exclusive rights to sell Vapeble products in the EU.

distributor of German design and Quality control products

Exclusive rights to sell Hoerde products in the EU.

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Shipping worldwide and marketing goods all over the world creates a steady grow. As a manufacture we are a strong partner to boost your revenue and brand recognition. Tech for everybody. Some countries get very limited options for niche market goods. We want to change this and offer reasonably price tech goods for customer in small countries. From Germany with love. We sell the best German brands to your region. Make the world smaller and better.


We offer the fastest shipping methods with well know carriers.

We create jobs

Ecommerce needs qualified worker. We create this jobs in a time many low profile worker need more than one job to survive. Good working conditions at all of our locations, offer the workers an above minimum wage and a great working experience. We give people the possibility to educate themself and give them a share of our success.

Investors welcome

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The Inter eShop Group want to grow fast and sustainably. We open our books to every investor to keep growing and reach our goals. Open for OEM/ODM manufacturing – you offer good condition for a rebranding of your product? Inter eShop Group is a strong partner.

Check some of our great Hoerde products.

Smart Scale

Yoga block

Massage Ball


Kitchen machine

Ready for future markets

Exclusive distributor of Virtual reality products.

Proud EU distributor of Vapeble Vaporizer

One of the best dry herb vaporizer on the market.



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